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LED lamp colors Smart Wi-Fi Smart Compatible with Alexa

LED lamp colors Smart Wi-Fi Smart Compatible with Alexa

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The Smart Wi-Fi Led bulb provides comfort and practicality for your day-to-day life. Have you ever thought about turning on the lights in your house before you opened it? Or still don't need to get up to erase them when you finish your reading before bed? Or even be able to sleep without worrying that they stay on all night, since they will be pre-programmed to turn off at a specific time? Yes, all this is possible with the Smart Bulb Led Wifi.

In addition, you can choose various colors according to the situation or mood. Up to 16 million color combinations are possible!

  • Compatible with Alexa Skills (Smart Life app)
  • Voice control: Send commands like turning on, off and changing colors for your lamp through your favorite voice assistant
  • Easy Installation and Configuration: Installation and pairing process with fully intuitive voice wizards
  • App Compatible: Any Smartphone can be the control of your lamp
  • Versatility: Intensity Control + Millions of Colors that adjust to the moment of your day
  • Automation: You can program your lamp to turn on or off automatically
  • Power: 10W
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