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Pokémon's Pantufa slippers

Pokémon's Pantufa slippers

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These slippers of the Pokémon's animated characters are making great success for the world outside and you also can't miss having one of those in your collection.

Pokémon-Buying Pantuffles in Pokeshop Pelúcias

Description of the product:

  • Item Type: Chinelos
  • Type of Stampa:Cartoon
  • Material from the palmilha: Short Pelúcia
  • Type of Room: Flat
  • Height of the Salt:Plana (≤1cm)
  • Season: winter
  • Coating material: Fleeces
  • Material of the Forro:Polars
  • Material from Sola:Rubber
  • Top Material:Floco
  • Recommended Size 35-40
  • Length 25, CM
  • Width 10.5CM
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