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Practical and quick defrost tray

Practical and quick defrost tray

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We’re sure you don’t like it every time you have to wait hours and hours to defrost a chicken or meat, even more that it takes a long time to thaw, sometimes having to leave overnight. 

That's why we at Store WOW we decided to bring this news that is the Defrost Tray where you will be able to defrost any type of food (Chicken, Beef Steak, Pork Rib ... among others).

Here's how it works with ice cubes: 

How to use?

You don't need any electricity or chemicals to use the Defrost Tray, it has ions that help to defrost faster using the food's own cold! 

  • 100% Practical and can be stored anywhere
  • There are several sizes and colors
  • Does not need to be plugged into
  • Aluminum material
  • You can wash and then save
  • Rectangular shape


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