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DEKO LRE521 Laser Distance Measuring Tape

DEKO LRE521 Laser Distance Measuring Tape

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Capacity Measurement

Now taking the necessary measures to carry out your work has become very easy with this new laser measuring tape capable of taking the measurements with just a push of a button and automatically calculating all the measurements. Show your customers that the evolution of technology is following you.

Product description
  • Brand: DEKO
  • Measurement Accuracy: + -2.0mm
  • Power Type: Battery Powered
  • Model Number: LRE521
  • Size: 115x50x23mm
  • Measurement Unit: m, ft, in
  • Laser type: 620 ~ 690nm
  • Area Unit: square meters, square feet
  • Single Measurement Time: 0.25s
  • Storage temperature: -20 ~ + 65 degrees Celsius
  • Operating temperature: 0 ~ + 40 degrees Celsius
  • Batteries: AAA (alkaline): AAA (alkaline) 2x1.5V (not included)

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